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Simmons 1.20/2.03 

Oh Agents of SHIELD….

Its NOT enough that you break our hearts DURING episodes, now you troll us via plot twists in promos too X_X

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The True Mystery of this show is not Red.

Its Lizzie.

The mysteries surrounding Elizabeth Keen is literally the reason I am watching this show.

Its interesting that even though Red is such a father figure -  she is literally a stand in for his own daughter -  yet even he can’t always read her correctly.

Even audience can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Red is a fascinating in that “gleeful sociopath” kind of way and Berlin is threatening as fuck, but Elizabeth Keen is the true mystery of the show.

At this point we know more about Red’s history and motivations than about Liz.

EVERYONE seems to know about Elizabeth Keen. Berlin, Red, etc.

Yet its unknown on why she is important to the big picture of things going on.

Its not clear WHO she is, even, as multiple times you see her skills at playing people and improvising her cover(like her “poor sobstory” she made up on spot near the end of last season). And every moment someone questions her identity or who she is, she gives off a complete troll-ish non-answer(like when Ressler was throwing a WTF at her background and whether she never committed crimes or whether she was never caught).

I will applaud the show heavily if it pulls off La Femme Nikita type of twist in terms of Lizzie’s allegiance.

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I find it interesting that Emily was completely unsurprised and EVEN somewhat happy at Victoria’s return and declaration…

As if she wanted it…

And then I realized - maybe she did. Maybe she did expect Victoria to return one day. So Emily could have an enemy to go against.

Because Amanda Clarke’s life is gone, her reasons to exist are gone, dead, etc. 

Emily Thorne’s reasons to exist has always been a mix of battle for survival and conviction to defeat her enemies. It was never about “protecting people” or “helping people” - hell, her road had a LOT of collateral.

In a way, I guess you could say all the tragedies she suffered burned out Amanda’s empathy or emotional capability beyond very limited sort of things that she CAN feel fulfilled and happy from(and as much as I hate him, buttface Aiden’s deserved death was last straw)

Thus Emily Thorne NEEDS  a villain in her story - Without revenge she feels like she is nothing.

Ironically, her crusade that she could not wait to finish, IS literally the core of her existence as there’s nothing else.

And just as she realizes that her sociopathic Emily Thorne tendencies need a target, Victoria appears at her doorstep declaring a war.

To normal person that would be the worst day possible.

But to someone like Emily Thorne, that’s like a wrapped birthday present delivered to her doorstep…

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no one will ever convince me that elsa has been wearing the same dress for two years straight

Considering its technically not a dress


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I LOVE the role-reversal in OUAT when coming from Frozen movie

In the movie, It was Elsa who was missing and it was Anna who went through hardships to get her sister back no matter what.

In OUAT(taking place After Frozen), they are faced with opposite situation -Its ANNA who supposedly disappears looking for a way to help her sister and its Elsa who will do anything to get her sister back, any means necessary, even if that means freezing over a whole town.

Literally proving that in reversed roles, Elsa WOULD do the same for Anna…albeit in more destructive, unstable and dangerous way….

It really emphasizes their inter-changeability, co-dependency and love.

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She can’t help being bossy.

How to know you are a hardcore Lost Girl fan

Walking home today I heard Wanderer by Dion on the street, froze in place from the shock and then nearly walked into a wall….

That song will never be the same again X_X

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I don't know what's worse


  • People who EXCUSE Ward’s actions last season


  • People who 100% buy into crap Ward has been saying this season.

We are talking about the guy who:

  • Killed his own dog
  • Thought jumping out of the plane after virus-infected team-mate is entirely viable way to…

Attempted suicide is attempted suicide when it is that. Its okay to feel things for people and its okay to be completely careful when treading through that subject.

The thing is that just like with abuse, there’s a very clear line of context.

We can’t have that context in real world. You can never know a person.

But in fictional narrative, the viewer is, in a sense omnipotent and omniscient.  You can know a character and context of his actions, because narrative guides you through that. Real life has no pointers, fiction does(which is why sexism that is treated as alright by narrative is disgusting and should not be allowed but sexist behavior that is called out and judged by narrative is a normal part of narrative).

Just like Ward being abused does NOT excuse his actions in last season, Ward’s self-harm has a very different meaning in context of his character

The thing is, What Ward did is no more than emotional manipulation. And till it is outright stated that Ward actually tried to kill himself, I will take it with a grain of salt, because Hannibal Jr kind of has a track record for VERY fucked up methods to achieve his goals.

So far the show very clearly implied that it was nothing more than a very abusive person who was abused, tried to abuse another emotionally