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dominion meme - one human

The problem with being in any fandom is that the longer you’re in it, the more obvious the immature and obnoxious side of the fandom becomes, and, all too often, that can completely ruin something for you.

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Patriot my ass. Everyone knows you’re a snake. I really never though you would betray you’re own.

I understand. I think I understand. But the people of Vega won’t. Well, people don’t need to know. People don’t need to know anything, do they? No, and they never will. But they wouldn’t want you as their leader, they wouldn’t trust you, and neither can I.

Hey, open wide here comes original sin

I sure as hell hope we get Dominion S2.

Because that fucking ending?

How many sides are there now? ARE THERE SIDES?

The only thing I know for sure is that Uriel is playing her own game and is on her own side, possibly manipulating everyone she ever met.

Everyone else is just either really conflicted, a complete dick or both.

  • Alex is way too prideful of his own role and tends to be unable to play his part without emotions taking control over him. He expects way too much out of himself..
  • Claire clearly attained certain level of power-hungry and I doubt she will be as nice as she was at the start of the season, what’s with all the shit that went through. Any other show would get all preachy via her character as some sort of moral compass, who wants to save everyone, but Dominion chose to portray her as a human.  And now pretty much everyone in her life betrayed her or left her. If anything she will continue to grow darker and will have to make harder and darker decisions as time goes on. I hope she gets far more screentime next season because her character got REALLY interesting Ep5 to EP8. Somehow I feel that she and David will be the people the show will use to display the full spectrum of both Michael and Gabriel’s viewpoint of humanity.
  • Michael and Gabriel both are batshit insane monsters. Just because one stands for humanity and other goes against it, does not mean either is “better” as a person. They do not have same moral values, they do not have same definition of “good” and “evil”. Its the case of blue and orange morality where killing is just another day in the life of a really messed up family with daddy issues. I would not be surprised on if Lucifer ends up being the only “good guy” of the family, in a twist
  • David is arguably the most human character. Its hilarious that someone who looked like a complete monster at the start is now surrounded by monsters. I think he does realize what a monster he made out of his son via how he treated him.

In short this show REALLY managed to pull off the idea of everyone being a morally conflicted asshole.

And I really hope we get Season Two, because I want to see those plotlines continued.

Dominion 1x08 - Wingporn

Since Bill Willingham is such a GREAT and HAPPY guy…

I am bracing myself for a tragic depressing grimdark ending that is slowly closing in.

I fully expect Snow having to kill monster-Bigby(what a way to troll people, eh Bill?) and Snow and Red getting into conflict over what to do with Leigh with Snow wanting to murder the fuck out of her and Red going with her current “redemption and trial” shtick.

Then hopefully Snow and her haxx magic of legends gets the chance to murder the fuck out of Leigh and…

Cue Camelot replay.

I do not want Rose Red to win, so I’ll go with Snow on the ending, with her going “The fuck have I done” and ol good Bill grinning and bracing himself for reader reactions.

I will be really really really surprised if both Snow and Bigby make it out of it alive.

Because this guy?

I am pretty sure he sips tea daily with G.R.R.Martin and Joss Whedon.

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So…that wasn’t really Faith Bigby was talking to in the first episode. It was Nerissa, right? This whole thing has my head spinning, the similarities are just too much.

Yes. By that time Faith was already dead. So Nerissa played the part and then placed Faith’s  head at Woodlands to get Bigby’s attention.

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is2g do we just vaporize when comic con rolls around (x)

Watch AOS do more awesome things with Mockingbird in first few eps that she appears in than Arrow writers managed to do with Laurel Lance/Black Canary in whole fucking two seasons.

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