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Well I happen to appreciate your instinct to be thorough.

Skye & Lance → Making Friends and Influencing People

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Has Ward really changed?


I really want to see a scene with Skye asking Ward about what he did to Fitz and Simmons. She’s the only person he wouldn’t lie to, and since he’s a very talented liar and manipulator, we can’t believe a word he has said to Fitz. Including all this “I wanted to save you”, “good to see you” and his…

Nah, I think he still is the same. His “Hydra wins because they don’t bother with pesky morality” speech pretty much told us all. And wanting to get her to her father? The show did chose to show us on just how CREEPY her daddy is for a reason, not to mention “You can be monsters together” scene from Raina. We know the intentions behind that, Skye does not.

He is still obsessing over a person. Just now instead of Garret, its Skye. Even if she does not want that. He is not “sorry” he is obsessed and frustrated that Skye does not like him for his actions. So he tries to MAKE her like them, even if that involves selling her out to her monster-daddy. Ward is pretty much developing towards being an exampe of a male yandere trope.

I do like that he is kept ambiguous because it makes the viewers guess his intentions. Which fits the ongoing theme with characters this season - unpredictable time bombs.

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Is it just me or there’s quite a bit of chemistry between Lance and Skye?

I mean  last episode all they did was pretty much flirt.

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I am a good and helpful soldier.

So yeah

I am 100% certain now hat Bigby is going to get offed.

And whatever happens, Snow will blame Rose Red for that.

Which would explain the flash-forward we see at the start of this chapter.

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Who would have thought that adding Frozen to the lore would reinvigorate the show so much?

  • We have a new villain with VERY ambiguous allegiances and goals.
  • We have exploration of Emma’s vulnerabilities and fears, both as a savior and as a person.
  • We have Snow White’s (quite justified and understandable) complex about loosing her newborn.
  • We have Regina’s character development towards goodness paralleled to Rumple’s regression into shady.

And for the first time in forever(excuse the pun), we have a storyline that is WILDLY unpredictable. Unlike with Pan or Zelena, its impossible to know WHERE this is going.

And we have actual MYSTERIES! Connected to both the Town AND Emma.

It feels like its Mid-S2 again for me.

Hell I actually can’t wait for next episode  now.

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Okay, if last week I thought OUAT is returning to form,

this week it surpassed it.

The show is LITERALLY the best it has been in quite a while. And, unlike with Pan, its IMPOSSIBLE to predict what is going on or what will happen.

Who would have thought that adding Frozen to the lore would reinvigorate the writing so fucking much?

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