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*sees 1x20 promotional photos*

Yeah, Ward’s not gonna go good any time soon, if ever.

It seems that my guess that him having feelings won’t magically stop him from doing what he believes in was right.

At best he will become a rogue element sometimes helping or thwarting the team

But I don’t see him ever rejoining it after this shit.

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I can take care of myself.
I can take care of myself.


So apparently I’m not allowed to still enjoy Grant Ward as a character without being called an apologist even though I’m…not…apologizing for jack shit…I just?? think the character?? is still interesting??? AND I’M CURIOUS ABOUT WHERE THIS IS GOING?!?!?!?

Its okay to enjoy the character and Ward currently IS one oif the most exciting characters in the show. Its entirely different thing to ignore parts of his characterization(like the people who ignore his actions and still claim, he is a triple agent do)


  • Melinda May makes ONE phone call and the whole fandom starts treating her like a fucking Judas.
  • Ward betrays everyone and keeps murdering people being at the top in terms of killcount, while being a complete jackass….the fandom grasps at every single fucking reason to make apologies for him.

Fucking sexist bullshit.

Fandom. You did bad and you should feel bad.

Seriously, what does Ward need to do to get same disgusting reaction that fandom displayed towards May when she SIMPLY CALLED SOMEONE? Pull a fucking hiroshima on multiple US cities? Torture and rape someone? Skin 10 puppies and make a cloak out of their fur?  Pull out Skye’s spine and beat her to death with it?

Because I am sure there would STILL be someone going “Hey, look its not his fault that he is this way or keeps doing these things~

The double-standards the huge part of fandom has are both fucking hilarious AND disgusting.

Let’s get this straight:

  • He might have REASONS to be the way he is.
  • He might have a sad backstory
  • WE might understand WHY he is the way he is.




If you ever think that the aos showrunners dont have a giant ego that can be self-serving and self-inflating, just remember they in canon said that Grant Ward, an original character, was a better spy than Nastasha Romanoff-BLACK WIDOW, a former KBG turned S.H.I.E.L.D agent and Avenger who has been one of the top cultural spies since she was introduced in the 1960s in the universe their show is set in. Take your egos and put them in check.

Okay let’s clear some shit up:

  1. WE DO NOT KNOW WHETHER WARD IS “COMICS CANON CHARACTER” Or NOT. “Grant Ward” is a fake identity. For all we know he is The Taskmaster, which would pretty damn justify that statement
  2. Natasha is good at infiltrating places, but she would NOT fare well in a team of misfits, because she is a misfit herself - her emotions WOULD get better of her. They both are great at subterfuge, but she has that HUMAN ELEMENT that Ward does not
  3. We knew Ward was supposed to be at least as good as Black Widow since the pilot already.
  4. Its MCU, its creators can adjust stuff the way they want - if Tony Stark can be the creator of Ultron instead of Hank Pym, having someone rival Black Widow in subterfuge is no big deal.


Don’t get me wrong, I love how awesome the show is getting and I love this whole Hydra arc, but are we just gonna ignore the fact that Skye may or may not have powers? I mean two weeks ago it was the main thing and now they sort have dropped it.

The only good thing that would come from the whole Skyeward thing next week is that maybe Skye’s powers will trigger somehow from learning of his betrayal

I doubt that’s gonna happen, but I can dream

Actually this fits right into her storyline if she is who most people speculate she is, complete with a superior officer who turns out to be a mole for hydra


What if Skye is an 0-8-4 because she’s a Hydra experiment?

I’m just going to leave this here.

  • Started with shifty allegiances.
  • Joined SHIELD
  • Missing parents and missing backstory
  • Trained by her superior officer who turns out to be HYDRA mole.
  • Skye’s SO is awfully reminiscent of Taskmaster in personality right now


I have a prediction about AoS:

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I am pretty sure that:

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This episode basically showed us that Grant Ward went from one abusive father figure to another. He has always believed he was born bad. There was never a choice for him. He just stopped fighting it and instead embraced it. 

I’m upset. 

At least Wilkins seemed to genuinely care about Faith and did not spend time beating her up for a coverstory.

But yes. Ward is something in between Angelus and Faith.


i wouldn’t worry about ward just yet

i mean, like


Seeing Red.

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Yep not seeing Grant become 1000% good guy anymore

At best he will be a twisted “neutral” party that sometimes helps and sometimes endangers both the  enemies and allies of shield. A wildcard.

He is not a good guy. His cover identity might have been, but….Grant Ward The Agent of SHIELD has never existed. His real personality seems to be sarcastic, amoral and callous. So even if he stops being 1000% badguy, he won’t be Agent Ward ever again.

If anything I see them drawing parallel between Blackout and Ward in regards to Skye and Cellist.

Also 1000% sure now that Ward is MCU version of Taskmaster.

  • HAXXXXXXX combat abilities? Check
  • Ingenious level of subterfuge capabilities? CHECK.
  • He even displayed similar personality quirks this episode.
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