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I think an A.I. slipped into the world, unannounced, then set out to strangle its rivals in the crib.


Makeup? More like MAKE OUT, amirite?!

Every time when someone starts blabbering on how “Skye needs to save/redeem Ward” I feel like strangling someone.

First of all that’s sexist.

Second of all, You know what Skye needs?

To sort out who she is, find her parents, sort out who they are and how she feels about them and where she stands.That’s what Skye needs.

If Ward ever is redeemed/”saved”, he needs to do it for himself.

Not because a hot girl asked him to.

Not because its expected of him.

Not because he expects some sort of benefit for that.

But because he will want to do that for himself.

He needs to accept and acknowledge what he did and pay the price for it. So he can move on onto becoming better person. But he needs to WANT IT FOR HIMSELF. He needs to understand and comprehend that he WAS wrong, that he DID work for bad guys, that he DID kill people, that killing people IS wrong, etc.

Before we even begin talking about these two mending the budding relationship that Ward destroyed, they first need to mend themselves. For themselves.

They need their own personal character journeys about themselves and FOR themselves.

Once that journey is done, we can talk about mending relationships and forgiveness. Because without that, the things Ward did can’t be just washed away and forgiven as if nothing.


What shoot stands for. :)

Root + Aliases

3.20 Death Benefit

Shaw: One of the things I left out of my file. I kind of enjoy this sort of thing.
Root: I’m so glad you said that. I do, too.

3.22 A House Divided

You don’t need to teach me how to fight.

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