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30 Days of Buffy


Day Four- Favorite Female Character. - Buffy Anne Summers


Does one really need to ask that?

Buffy Summers is a perfect contradiction and a very interesting and complex person. Through the seasons, Whedon fleshes both her good and bad sides out and provides an interesting, a bit hypocritical, a very egoistic sometimes, but very realistic and very flawed personage.

Buffy is someone who got thrust into a role she never thought would have. Someone who got a world on her shoulders and a ton of insecurities because of that.

Unsatisfied with her life, blaming herself for her parents divorce, holding on to an illusion of normalcy and deluding herself into counting her power as a job and herself as a “superhero or something” is the buffy we started with.

Through the seasons Joss Whedon gracefully and carefully built up on that. From the very start Buffy had a very interesting and compelling flaws in her personality and from time to time you could see all the complexes and despair  hiding behind the "I am a hero" persona.

In a sense, it was a deconstruction of that cheery Buffy, exploring her worldview, personality, how she regards others and herself. It was story of a girl growing up, of a girl getting her childhood dreams shattered, of a girl who got thrust into adult world, into reality and had to adapt to it, while holding a terrible burden of the whole world too.

It was story of Buffy’s self discovery.A story about a girl who had to face herself, who she is and learn to accept that, instead of ignoring it or deluding herself.

A story which made her one of the most relatable, compelling, interesting and realistic characters to ever appear on tv.

That realism, that amount of details, attention to giving her realistic, interesting character flaws, making those flaws HAVE consequences, as well as showing how she reacts and changes through the show, has made her one of the most fascinating and interesting characters for me.

Notable mentions: Willow Rosenberg (because it was very hard to chose between her and Buffy, because both characters fascinate me)